Tina and Geoff Copland started Jax Wax in October 2000 as a small home business in the outer Melbourne suburb of Hallam. Since then Jax Wax has grown to export their range throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

All products produced by Jax Wax are proudly made in Australia with the highest quality ingredients, not tested on animals and are vegan friendly. Jax Wax bottle sealing wax is specially formulated for ease of application. It is supplied in a beaded form and melts at a low temperature. The suggested application temperature is approximately 80C. As this is a relatively low temperature it is much safer than what is commonly available.

When applied correctly the wax provides a good seal with a soft sheen finish. If a more glossy finish required the finished seal can be dipped into cold water.The wax is easily removed from the bottle by peeling away and does not chip off in small pieces.

Jax Wax sealing wax is packed in cartons containing 12kg of beaded wax. As the wax is in beaded form it is easy to melt the required amount without having to cut blocks into small pieces. Our sealing wax is currently available in over 10 different colours. We recommend 8-10 grams of wax per bottle, pending neck width and dipping depth, but this is the average requirement.

Yes, we can do custom colours, the prices would be the same as our current plain/metallic prices (Subject to dye requirements.) The minimum order for any custom colour is 150kg for a production run. If you require a custom colour please take into consideration the time for us to colour match, receive your approval and to test for stability of the colour. Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for colour matching and sampling, however a longer lead time of 5-6 months is preferred to ensure product stability. Prices are available upon request.